Why English?

Zombie asked me why I started to write in English. When I try to remember what made me to switch I really can’t tell you. There are many reasons why I did it and they are all good enough at my own opinion. I’ll write only two most important... First reason is that I want to learn English. Now I understand it, but when I need to say or write something down I get confused. Writing this entry will take more time then writing five pages of long technical text in Serbian. I want that to change.

The second reason is getting more audience. No matter how much readers we get we want more. Most of people that used to read old Area51 know English pretty good and I hope that they’ll keep reading new Area. Practically, I wont lose much (except the extra time that I need to write in English), but I’ll get more traffic and audience.

And there are lots of small reasons related with these two. I can meet more interesting people, larger community means better discussion, my ideas will spread much faster and so on.

Writing in English is not a disadvantage. I’m aware that I’ll have trouble (and Oliver with me, too :) ) with the first 10-50 entries by expressing myself or my ideas, but after that I think I’ll know English much better than now.

It’s all about learning and the community.