The Business Redemption Clock

The business redemption clock, a concept by Christopher Escher, via Rebuilding RIM by Michael Mace:

Chris said that the process of rehabilitating a company's image was like moving the hands of a clock. Having a great image was at 12:00.  A company's image could stay in that position for a long time as long as it didn't have too much bad news.  But if bad news built up, the hands eventually slipped over to the 3:00 position, which meant you were perceived to be a troubled company.

Chris said companies always want to force the hands to go backwards to 12, because they want to get past the pain.  But his insight was that you can never do that.  First you have to acknowledge the problem (3 pm), articulate your plan (6 pm), and then show that you're making progress at fixing it (9 pm).  I think Chris had some other stages in there, but you get the general idea.  Only after you had taken all of the intermediate steps, and posted improved financials as a result, would people believe that you had actually earned your redemption and returned to stability at 12.

Business redemption clock

Korak prvi: identifikuj problem
Korak drugi: predstavi plan za njegovo rešenje
Korak treći: onda i nešto stvarno u radi po tom pitanju.


There is a downside to acknowledging the problem: you make it worse.