Tražimo C++ / ObjC programere

A51 is a software development company from Novi Sad. Our focus is development of tools that help organizations get projects done by employing more communication and less management.

Our flagship product, activeCollab, is used across the globe by thousands of organizations, including some of the largest technology and media companies and well known universities.

We are working on tools that run on user's computer or mobile device and interact with activeCollab through activeCollab API. An example of such application is activeCollab Timer. We have big plans for this application and similar tools, and we have an opening for:

C++/ObjC Programmers

Job Description:

  1. Develop native applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iOS, potentially Android at some point. Most of these applications communicate with activeCollab via activeCollab API (API is even better in activeCollab 3), but we have other ideas as well.
  2. Platforms used for development are Qt for cross platform applications (C++) and Cocoa for Mac OS X and iOS applications (Objective C).

What we Offer:

  1. Clean, quite, cozy environment where you can concentrate and get stuff done. We even offer home cooked lunch served in the office every day.
  2. Opportunity to learn new and develop existing skills.
  3. Best equipment money can buy. Tools should never limit your creativity.
  4. Type of energy only small companies can offer.
  5. Make the difference! activeCollab is one of the best known software products coming from Serbia.


  1. Simply put, you need to be a good programmer and natural problem solver.
  2. Experience with development of desktop applications using one of the C class languages (C++, C#, Objective C).
  3. Experience with Qt development framework  is not a requirement, but a big plus.
  4. Experience with Objective C and development for Mac OS X or iOS is not a requirement, but a big plus.
  5. Good written and spoken English. We offer tools and resources to improve your English, but good foundation is required.
  6. Candidates who are not able to work in office in Novi Sad Monday to Friday should not apply.
  7. Faculty degree is a plus, but not a requirement.

If you are interested and see a fit here, please fill out the form that is available on this page:

Thank you for your time!